PG_300At the annual IAB Leadership Meeting on January 29, Procter and Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard told the audience that P&G will accept only the Media Rating Council (MRC) validated viewability standard for media transacting and that the company expects all of its agencies, media suppliers, and platforms to adopt the standard in 2017.

Radio Ink writes that “radio executives have long been concerned that advertisers were throwing buckets of money at all forms of digital and social, mostly because it’s the shiny new thing, not necessarily because it’s increasing business. And that’s been a big challenge for radio in recent years.”

AdAge reports that P&G will conduct a review of all media-agency contracts, after the company found a surprise in its dealings with at least one agency, plus requirements that everyone use industry-standard viewability metrics, fraud protection and third-party verification. The company says it will no longer pay for any digital media, ad tech companies, agencies or other suppliers for services that don’t comply with its new rules.

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